Sony eBook Reader – A Look at the PRS 505 eBook Reader

The Sony eBook reader was the real ground breaker, and actually hit the market before the Amazon Kindle. They took the digital electronic book reader to a completely new level, which was then made even more popular with the launch of the Kindle. The Sony PRS-505 is one of the premier ultra-light portable devices for displaying high quality electronic ink and electronic paper.

The Sony PRS-505, and the predecessor the Sony PRS 500 are great ultra-portable readers with great features. The controls are very easy to use, making turning pages, adjusting fonts, and getting the contrast and brightness perfect very easy. The E-ink display technology is of the highest quality making your electronic books very easy to read. Even in a darkened room the backlit screen is easy to read. This Sony electronic book reader is very easy on your eyes, and enjoyable to use.

Does the Sony PRS-505 compare favorably to the Kindle? Without a doubt. The technology is equal or superior in quality. The screen uses exactly the same technology from E-Ink as the Kindle, so the screen are comparable. Some people feel the Sony eBook reader is even a little superior on the display due to the implementation of Sony.

Features that Make the Sony PRS-505 Stand Out

There is one big difference between this Sony electronic book reader, and many other digital eBook readers. The available memory card slot for adding additional memory. This gives you greater storage capability, and the ability to swap cards if necessary.

Of course one thing which makes the Sony PRS-505 stand out from most competitors is the Sony company. They have been one of the premier electronics companies in audio, video, and small electronics for long period of time. Their quality and support always ranks at the top of the industry. You do not want to end up with a low quality product, and then discover getting warranty support is a nightmare. With Sony you know you will be getting the highest quality possible, and if anything happens to go wrong, they will fix it quickly. Sony stands behind their products.

To make sure you have plenty of reading material for your Sony eBook reader, they created their own online store. It is packed with over 100,000 titles, and then extended by the book available through Google Books. With this combination you have a library of books which is only rivaled by Amazon.

When it comes to choosing a digital eBook reader there are many companies available, but Sony is one of the outstanding companies due to the quality of their products, their book selections, and the outstanding support. You cannot go wrong getting a Sony eBook reader. sony 55x75k

If you decision is coming down to just a few choices for your eBook reader, you must strongly consider the Sony PRS-505, or other Sony electronic book reader. While the major competitors products are very good, they are also a bit too large to comfortably fit in your pocket or bag. You will have the highest quality possible in an ultra-portable electronic book reader with the Sony eBook Reader products.


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