How to Really Clean Your Guitar

Guitars cannot escape from dust and dirt. guitar parts Television sets and radios all have them. And guitars are no exception when it comes to collecting dust.

If dusts do get under the strings, dust them off with a feather duster. An alternative is by using a cloth. Using the feather duster is great because no pressure is needed when brushing off the dust. Unnecessary pressures can scratch or even dent your guitar body.

How does grime form? Their origin is dust. Dust, when mixed with moist will form grime. The worst part of grime is that they stick to all kinds of places. The most popular part where they are found is your guitar strings.

Oil from your fingernails is also harmful to the strings. Most people cannot see this oil layer due to its highly invisible nature. This particular oil will corrode the strings and result in grime. This kind of grime makes the strings become dull-sounding faster. It is highly recommended that after each session of guitar usage that you wipe with chamois. The direction of wiping should be downwards, towards the bridge or sound hole of the guitar.

What about guitar body? Specifically, you first have to dust off using feather duster (preferably). Then you have to use a polish (furniture or guitar type, preferably guitar polish) to rub on your guitar. As a word of caution, never ever use wet cloth or any cloth soaked with liquid to clean your guitar. The fluid could seep into the wood, thus destroying the guitar structure internally.

As for cleaning guitar hardware like tuning pegs, bridge and pickups, simply use a dust cloth. If you can, use a chrome polish. An alternative to this is the jewelry polish, but keep it mild. The best advice you can get on cleaning electric guitars is that you should never apply anything on the pickup, other than an ordinary dust cloth.



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