Features You Can Expect From The Best Laptops Under 400 USD

Are you looking for the most budget-friendly laptops? The best laptops under 400 USD are for you! These affordable devices have become popular among budget conscious consumers looking for a product that packs a lot in features despite their relatively low cost. Indeed, most of them may not be sufficient for heavy computer users, such as graphic designers and online gamers, who need topnotch technical specifications to accommodate their demanding applications. However, if you’re the type of user who’s mostly looking for a device that will enable you to process some documents, surf the net, manage your hp pavilion gaming ryzen 5  social media accounts, or have another means for media consumption, then these affordable alternatives are enough for you. Below are some of these devices’ most common features, which are enough to cover your needs as an average user.

First, when it comes to memory, the best laptops under 400 USD normally have an average of at least 250GB worth of hard drive storage, and at least 2GB of RAM. What this means for an average user like you is sufficient memory storage to preserve your important word files, images and even videos, as well as ample working memory to enable you to simultaneously open and use a moderate to large number of applications without causing significantly negative speed or performance issues to your system. In fact, there are even some of these products that boast to have as huge as 320GB of hard drive and 3GB of RAM! These products, although not very common, have the capability to support even some of the most performance-heavy computer applications.

Second, in terms of the form factor, most of the best laptops under 400 fall under the Netbook category. This means that most of them have a screen size ranging from about 10 to 14 inches. The smallest of these prove to be advantageous for users in need of highly portable units that they can carry around easily and use anywhere. For others who don’t want a significant deviation from the larger screen size they’ve come to be used to in larger computer models, those with screen sizes ranging from 14 to 15 inches can do the job.

Finally, in terms of added features, you can expect to find Bluetooth connectivity, wireless internet support, memory card support and DVD driver. Most of the best laptops under 400 also have built-in webcams, microphones and speakers. Many also come with an embedded Windows 7 OS, sparing you from the need to spend money on a reliable OS.


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