Buy Pasquini Coffee Grinder to Spoil Yourself

The foundation of Pasquini brand was laid in Los Angeles by opening a café called Moka D’Oro by the owner of the company Mr. Ambrose Pasquini. The year was 1951, when the first espresso café was opened in Southern California, USA. In the 70s with his tool and dye knowledge designed an espresso machine called Livietta for his home.

The next one was just down the line and was made by him in the mid 90s which was called Livia. The brand now takes pride in announcing the new variant called the Livietta T2, which is another espresso machine of the new century. The products of the Pasquini brand can be seen at world class restaurants and cafes, as these coffee making and serving equipments offers the excellence to its guests.

The brand offers both residential and commercial coffee grinding machines for its customer’s world wide. The Residential grinders are LA Cimbali-6/S Automatic Grinder, LA Cimbali Grinder-Junior S/S, LA Cimbali-Max Automatic Grinder and Digital Grinder Dispenser. The commercial grinding machines in the company’s portfolio are model that include, The Moka Chrome Grinder, The K2 Grinder and The Pasquini LUX Home Grinder.

Commercial Pasquini Coffee Grinders:
LA Cimbali-6/S Automatic Grinder: The model is an automatic doser grinder. This well constructed and sturdy design die-cast aluminum painted body provides overall protection to the machine. It’s equipped with the flat grinding burrs, that offers freshly grounded beans. This machine has a heavy-duty hopper that has bean capacity of 2 kg.

LA Cimbali Grinder-Junior S/S: This is a mixer grinder manual type doser grinding machine that is installed with flat grinding burrs for optimum results. Its sparkling silver finish body adds charm in your kitchen.

LA Cimbali-Max Automatic Grinder: This grinding machine with its silver body finish and sturdy design attracts everyone’s attention. It is a manual grinder doser pattern grinder that is equipped with flat grinding burr.

Digital Grinder Dispenser: This digital grinder makes one confident in the bean grinding process and makes you feel proud of your consistency. The machine automatically grinds and doses espresso automatically. This grinder features an automatic dosing function that provides instant, consistent and freshly ground coffee. It comes equipped with a removable hopper.

Residential Pasquini Coffee Grinders:
Moka Chrome Grinder: The Moka Chrome grinder is built with all the components and features of a grinding machine that offers the perfect grounded beans at all times. This machine is equipped with a fully adjustable doser and a built in tamper.

The K2 Grinder: This model of the company is based on the original Moka Coffee Grinder model. This is an attractive looking grinding machine which is beautifully done with polished chrome. K2 at all times provides the consistent grinding results with its direct drive motor that does not burn or clog the beans at finer settings. Its polished chrome body being attractive also offers scratch free feature. This grinder come equipped with 25 grind settings.

The LUX Home Grinder: This particular model brought a revolution. The LUX home grinder was especially designed for the baristas and brewed drink lovers who are keen to drink the best and first grade cup. This model is equipped with features like its infinite conical-style mill adjustment is capable of fine Turkish grind coffee. It grinds fresh grounds whenever required and pours directly into the portafilter.

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